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Giving Back!

This is the essence of giving back to the community – supporting others in the ups and downs of life just as they support you. If you are benefited from our video during this pandemic, we would appreciate if you contribute a small amount back to Singapore community by donating to the any of approved charities (IPC) that is recognised by Singapore Inland Revenue Authority (IRAS) in your personal name. Not only you would be able to help the less fortunate but will be given tax deduction when submitting your income tax filing for the year! Totally no obligation! It is your choice. 

Please send us the receipt of your donation to m@msingaporeproperty.com, we would you like to get “intimate” with you and share more insights of Singapore property market! 

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Giving.sg is managed by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) and is backed by the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth.

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